April Intentions

I’m very excited that the first day of the month also happens to fall on the first day of the week. How glorious that we can start our Monday with a new month?! I don’t have many grand new plans/goals. Instead, I already feel very “in it”. I feel very on the grind and I’m just out here doing the work. Day by day, week by week,  month by month, I am getting the ish done.

I started my guitar lessons last month and have been loving learning how to play! It makes such a difference in my discipline when I am actually being taught something. I got down on myself a few months ago for not taking the time to learn it, but that’s because I didn’t know how to do it.

It was an important lesson for me learn, that sometime what my brain perceives as “laziness” or inability to do the work, actually just comes from not having a roadmap or knowing HOW to do something. It takes a lot more work to sit down and teach yourself something and figure out the steps then having already been taught and knowing exactly where you’re going and what you need to practice.

That being said, asking for HELP is invaluable and investing in yourself will get you to where you want to go. I don’t think I was actually going to learn guitar by figuring out how to pluck chords at random. It’s worth it to invest in yourself.

I also started B School last month which has been revolutionary for opening up my mindset on HOW to do this business thing. Again, it’s a reminder in if you want something, then you will need to invest in it, whether that be time, money, or other resources.

I remember at the end of 2018 I felt like the clouds around the mountain had parted and I could see the mountain and didn’t really know which path to take to get there, but I was acknowledging the fact that just being able to SEE the mountain was a feat in itself.

Now, I feel like B School has given me the tools I need to where I can actually see the steps that reach the top and it’s all about me putting in the time & work & knowing that I am in it for the journey and the road may be long, but if I keep taking one step at a time, I will reach that mountain top.

I feel like March was about me taking myself seriously and not just thinking or “wishing” or trying to manifest what I want, but instead actually working for it.

I read Rachel Hollis’ book: Girl, Stop Apologizing and looking to her and Marie Forleo as an example has really shifted my mindset into thinking “okay, if I really want something and I’m willing to work for it, then I really can do anything I imagine”.

This has been interesting because I think it’s shifted me less away from manifestation and other spiritual practices that I usually gravitate towards and more towards this feeling of okay, it’s up to me. If I want something, I gotta work hard for it and if I don’t achieve something in my life, it has nothing to do with whether I was good enough or talented enough, it just means I didn’t work hard enough for it.

I think this can be either positive or negative depending on how you look at it and it’s just interesting to observe this shift in myself. I still value visualization and manifestation because I know that magic exists, but for now, I am just continuing to do my part (the work) and letting the universe take care of the rest.

I’m also acknowledging that I don’t want to set hard, clear cut goals for myself in April because I know that it is all in divine timing and I don’t want to set unrealistic deadlines for myself. I just want to be in flow and keep following the path.

That being said, here are my intentions for April:

  • have a beautiful, inspiring performance of my one woman show this month in NYC and feel like I really accomplished something and touched other people with my message and inspire them to seek the truth in themselves
  • complete B school and engage in clarity and community with both my business and with others
  • have a romantic and beautiful time in Block Island with my love for our one year anniversary

while I feel like I need to go on because how can I only have 3 intentions for this month (shouldn’t I add something about wanting to play one full song on guitar or coaching new clients or launching my website or losing weight or eating healthier or making more money or saving more money or or or? (a glimpse into chatterbrain) I think I am going to leave it at that and leave the rest up to the universe.





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