the kind of girl – a poem

she’s the kind of girl

who will always spill her red wine

on the towel

on the sand

she will always have food on her face

and in her tangled brown hair

also down the front of her dress

she will leave her clothes on the ground

flinging her bra and pants off

as soon as she gets home

hopping into bed naked

that’s never once been made

feet still covered in sand.

she leaves empty cans of

lemon seltzer water

littered on desks

next to piles of books

and paper.

she’s the kind of girl who means what she says

and doesn’t think before she speaks

who laughs the loudest

and dances the hardest

but will slip out the back door

to walk on the beach

saying goodbye to no one

sometimes they notice that she’s gone

other times they don’t

she is bright and fierce and sometimes quiet

like a mouse

she is carefree

and cares the most

she is wild

and tame

living for nobody

but herself

she cant change

she wont ever change

she is who she is

and that’s how it is

and how it will always be.

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