Food Guide to New London, CT

It goes without saying, that I love food.

One of my favorite things to do when traveling or exploring a new place is finding the best and cutest restaurants and eating all the yummy food.

I’ve been wanting to do a little food guide for my hometown since I’ve had the pleasure of wining and dining here for the past two years and have successfully explored almost all of the spots.

Jasmine Thai

I love nothing more than a date night in & ordering jasmine thai for delivery.

This is the first place I ever went to when I arrived in New London and had a nice meal all by my lonesome in my new, strange (to me) town, but Jasmine Thai has never disappointed.

They have an extensive sushi menu as well. My go-to order is a thai iced tea, mango curry & crab rangoons.

Vibe: Casual and very empty, like seriously I’ve never seen this place busy.
Order: Jasmine roll, thai iced tea, crab rangoon, anything really EXCEPT don’t get the boba…


Lazy Leopard

This is more of an upscale thai place if you’re looking for something a bit fancier than Jasmine Thai. I love their unique dishes & nice presentation although it’s a bit on the pricier side.

They also have fun cocktails with interesting flavors like lychee!

It’s located right next to the train station so it’s fun to get food here to go & eat it on the train.

Vibe: casual but nice sit down place for dinner, unique & interesting flavors
Order: sushi side nachos & any of their sushi



A classic New London Bank street favorite. This place is very tiny and has a great outdoor patio, but again it’s super small so would not recommend it for large groups.

They have classic american fare food (thinks burgers & wings & mac & cheese) and some great drinks.

Vibe: Great place to go for happy hour, casual out door dining with a nice view
Order: buffalo mac & cheese, buffalo chicken crisps, mclovin’ burger (its huge)



This is one of the best, high quality, and coolest places in town.

The owner came from NYC and is trying to do a little something different in our little seaside town. They have a rotating menu so you never know what you’re gonna get, but every time I’ve been it’s been really delicious.

I know they’re super into building community so they have a big communal dining room table, open kitchen, and are constantly looking for ways to engage in the community.

Vibe: Community style, wood covered rooms that make you feel right at home,foodie inspired
Order: I loved their salmon benedicts for brunch, but anything I’ve had here is good.


NV Bakery & Market

When I first got to this town, I was like where is all the healthy food at? There’s seriously only seafood and pizza…(or at least that’s what it felt like at first)

This is one of the only healthy-ish spots in town where you can get stuff like a salad or a smoothie. They also have amazing grilled cheese sandwiches & crepes, breakfast foods, etc.

It’s owned by a Greek family so they even have like a Greek market in the back. They seriously have it all.

Vibe: very casual, “to-go” type spot, family owned, lots of variety
Order: Poke Bowl, Acai bowl, Salmon Salad

Right Path Organic Cafe

Again, one of the only “healthy” & vegan option place around here. This place reminds me of my ashram days with their buddha bowls and fake meat options and smoothie names like “chakra” and “enlightenment”

It’s on the pricey side so I don’t go here often, but if you’re looking for a high vibey, vegan place, then this is it!

Vibe: all vegan, juices & smoothies, very spiritual, granola type vibes
Order: can’t go wrong with a classic buddha bowl & golden milk latte


Recovery Room

If you need your pizza/pasta fix, this is the place to go.

It took me two whole years to finally check this place out and I’m glad I did because their Margarita pizza tastes like its straight up from Italy.

Vibe: classic pizza diner type restaurant w a lil fancy twist
Order: Margarita pizza, NO DOUBT. The sauce is pesto/marinara and you will be transported straight to Italy.

Muddy Waters

This is a great breakfast spot with lovely views of the Thames River. Everything they have here feels very homemade from their breakfast sandwiches to salads to lattes like the “peppermint patty”

Vibe: very homey style, great views, nice couches to sit on
Order: I usually get a bacon, egg & cheese on a bagel & an iced chai latte, but I’ve heard they have great sandwiches.

Washington St. Coffee House

Basically the only coffee shop in our town, but it’s a good one. Their breakfast sandwiches are to die for. I literally used to go every single weekend to get a breakfast sandwich and iced lavender white tea.

They also have nice homemade lunch items that are very mexican inspired like burrito bowls and tacos, which I always thought was an interesting choice, but hey lets roll with it.

Vibe: really artsy, local flyers everywhere, hosts bi-weekly poetry open mic nights
Order: Bacon, egg, & cheese english muffin sandwich (you won’t regret it)


On the Waterfront

One of the best restaurants in New London. It’s a bit on the pricier side but if you go during happy hour you can get cheap cheap food & drinks. Great view of the thames river as well!

Their bread and butter is MOUTHWATERING, like seriously best butter I’ve ever had. I have dreams about this bread and butter.

At the time of writing this, they are currently closed unexpectedly after finding a crack in their sea wall, but hopefully by the time you’re reading this it will be re-opened!

Vibe: Classier dining, live music some weekends, great place to take your parents
Order: Happy hour sangria & old bay fries or fish tacos or salmon for entree


Fred’s Shanty

A seasonal only seaside shack that sells burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, clam fritters, the whole shebang.

I love the view (picture sailboats docked) and the food is good and cheap.

Vibe: Seaside burger shack with nice view
Order: Crispy Chicken Sandwich & Fried pickles

Captain Scott’s Lobster Deck

New England Summers are best known for their lobster rolls and this is the best place to get them in town.

Another sea-side shack with a nice view and casual, outdoor dining options like burgers & chicken sandwiches if lobster isn’t your thing.

This is a very popular place among the locals & tourists so be aware of a longish line.

Vibe: Seaside lobster shack, allll the new england summer vibes
Order: hot & buttery lobster roll


Michael’s Dairy

The best ice cream I’ve ever had, seriously. Another seasonal only place which I thought was absurd because in California, first of all we dont’ really have ice cream shops. We have frozen yogurt places & pressed juicery & like weird shaved ice places, and THEY NEVER CLOSE because it’s summer all the time.

But here, ice cream shops are only open Memorial Day – Columbus Day so get on it while you can.

Vibe: It’s located on a college campus so very small town college east coast summer vibes
Order: Campfire S’more is hands down the best flavor or for a vegan option get the coconut!


I hope by now your mouth is watering and you wanna take a lil trip up to the Connecticut shoreline ❤

much love,

merm ley

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