July Intentions – reading/donating/studying/creating

Happy July!

I haven’t felt called to do a monthly check in and post in a very long time.

Quarantine got me in a strange state of feeling generally lost, purposeless, and questioning what I “should” be doing (and generally feeling like the world was stuck in time in Mid-March).

After a beautiful couple weeks in California revitalizing my spirit spending time with my mom, brother & sister, and sitting in a plant medicine ceremony (read about my experience here) I feel called to share a July Intentions post and a little update on where I’m at!


1. Phone & Social Media Boundaries

I am deeply addicted to my phone. Especially since quarantine where our only lifeline to connect with other humans is via the gram and especially in this climate when we all get most of our information on social media, I spend hours scrolling on my phone everyday.

I realized how detrimental it is to my mental & spiritual health when I’m constantly flooding my brain with information and never giving myself the time to LISTEN to my inner voice and engage in my OWN creativity and UNIQUE thoughts.

Therefore, I am turning my phone OFF or on airplane mode from the hours of 8 pm to 10 am and placing a time restriction on all my social media apps to one hour per day.

2. Hosting A Weekly Creative Writing Workshop to 10 Beautiful Souls

Join me in July for my Writing Magic Workshop – a weekly creative writing group where we will be guided in meditations, creative writing prompts, and leave space for sharing & connection. Find more details below and sign up here. There are just three spots left!

3. Engage In More Joyful MOVEMENT

Quarantine had me lose allll motivation for working out and movement. The only movement I did was walking to get out of the house & some yoga. Now I’m feeling the call to connect more with my body and engage in joyful MOVEMENT such as yoga, walking, running, hiking, and swimming! I already swam in the ocean yesterday and it felt SO GOOD!


Here are the books on my reading list for this month!

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

Writing For Bliss by Diana Raab

Me & White Supremacy by Layla Saad

Akashic Records by Linda Howe

Pleasure Activism by Adrienne Maree Brown

Studying: Yoga Nidra

I studied yoga nidra at the beginning of quarantine and am feeling the call to keep practicing and honing the skill and start memorizing some yoga nidra scripts and practicing on people!

One Piece of Content I’m Focusing On: Radical Awakenings by Alexandra Roxo

I pre-ordered Alexandra Roxo’s new book Fuck Like a Goddess and with it came a FREE monthly membership to her online community, Radical Awakenings. There are tons of meditations, guided journeys, writing prompts, and moon rituals on there and I’m choosing to focus on this piece of content for the month of July!

Donating to: Black Girl Magic

10% of the proceeds from my Writing Magic Workshop will be donated to Black Girl Magic – a community that helps black women heal, feel seen and be heard, and share their stories in community. That is what I am allll about.

Creative Act: Writing letters to prisoners.

I had been thinking about this and then it was one of the prompts for the Isolation Journals and I thought it was a lovely way to bring some joy into a stranger’s life and connect with others in a beautiful way.

What are your intentions for this month?

Sending love,



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